RFID in Construction – the View from ConExpo

ConExpo is the largest industry trade show for construction equipment, solutions and services.  The conference, held every three years, is massive and this year’s event spans the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, top-to-bottom and north-to-south, as well as several of the parking lots.  The equipment on display ranged from chain saws to cement mixers to huge outdoor cranes.

I met with about a dozen vendors at the event who are trying to implement RFID for asset tracking and monitoring as part of their solution portfolios.  While I found that many people are considering RFID, only a few have applied it so far.  This is because the limited capabilities offered by the C1 passive RFID that they are familiar with doesn’t work in most construction environments where tags have to be mounted on metal surfaces, read ranges longer than 10-20 feet are required, and the general construction workplace environment itself.

When I introduced to these vendors to Intelleflex XC3 Technology, they were excited to learn that there is now a more powerful and cost-effective alternative for tracking assets besides the limited C1 RFID and very expensive GPS solutions.  XC3 Technology is a fraction of the cost of GPS – with no recurring monthly GPS charges and, in addition to vehicles, XC3 Technology tags can also be used for tracking and monitoring equipment of all shapes and sizes.

At the next ConExpo, which will be held in 2014, it’s safe to say that there will be a much broader adoption of RFID.

Jim Schaffer



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