RFID Found Safe for Use with Biologics

A recent article in RFID Journal by Claire Swedberg cites a study conducted by the University of Florida and the University of South Florida Polytechnic which found that pharmaceuticals containing biologics (medicinal products with biological agents) were not negatively affected by exposure to RF signals.  With assistance from Abbott Laboratories and other pharmaceutical companies, the researchers tested 100 different biologic products (such as vaccines), exposing them to five different RF bands commonly used by RF readers and tags.

The study found that none of the RF bands had any impact on the products’ protein structures.  The researchers (Ismail Uysal  and Jean-Pierre Emond of USFP) will present their findings at the RFID Journal Live conference being held in Orlando from April 12-14.  They’re hopeful that these studies will lead to changes in the FDA’s rules regarding the use of RF technologies and pharmaceuticals.  You can learn more about their session here.

RFID offers unique capabilities for helping to ensure the safety and integrity of biologics and biopharmaceuticals where temperature monitoring of the product throughout the shipping process is critical.  The ability to wirelessly read and monitor the temperature of the product inside the package − without having to unpack − combined with the ability to deliver a record of the temperature to health care providers can reduce or eliminate doubts or concerns about the product’s efficacy as well as improve cold chain operations.  You can learn more about how Intelleflex provides in-transit temperature monitoring here.  You can also see a demonstration of this technology at the Intelleflex booth (#743) at RFID Journal Live.

I hope to meet you in Orlando!

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing

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