RFID Journal Live: Perspectives from the show – Day 1

RFID Journal Live is the industry’s biggest trade show and conference.  It’s my first time attending this event but, speaking with attendees on the first day of the show, I noticed a recurring theme.

The focus is shifting from RFID as a technology to RFID as a solution.  One gentleman who stopped by our exhibit commented “there’s not as many really technical sessions this year”.  He seemed disappointed.  I’m not.  I’m actually pleased.  From my experience, when a discussions about a technology shift from the “speeds and feeds” to “how can you use it”, it is an indication that the technology is maturing and going mainstream.  I think this is great news for RFID, something that has often lingered in the shadows as an “emerging technology”.  I was able to attend two sessions, one presented by Dr. John Ryan of the State of Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture, detailed how RFID is being used to improve food traceability and quality.  The second, given by Drs. Jean-Pierre Emond and Ismail Uysal of University of South Florida Polytechnic discussed how RFID is being used to ensure the shelf life of “First Strike Rations” for the US Defense Department.  Both detailed real-world use cases for RFID that have practical implications and benefits.

The opening night reception on the show floor featured a lot of traffic and a wide variety of questions.  Many people were interested in learning more about Battery-Assisted Passive RFID and how it could be used in an interesting variety of applications ranging from government security controls to monitoring the temperature of ice cream in the supply chain.

If you’re at the show this year, come by our booth (743) and say hello.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about the conference.

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing




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