Strong Interest in BAP RFID at RFID Journal Live

Takeaways from Day 2 at RFID Journal Live are that there is a lot of interest in Battery-Assisted Passive RFID and that the extended capabilities that “Class 3” (ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010) RFID offers is causing people to rethink how they solve their business problems.  Many people that have come by our exhibit at the show have been amazed that we can achieve read/write ranges of 300 feet or more and well as monitor temperatures inside packaging to improve cold chain operations.  I’ve had many conversations with people from throughout the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Korea as well as across Europe and the Middle East who are excited about the benefits of Intelleflex XC3 Technology and its performance and cost advantages over Active and Passive RFID.

And, while a Droid phone photo doesn’t do it justice, I wanted to share a view from the show floor.  If you’re in Orlando, come on by and say hello at booth 743!
Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing

Intelleflex booth at RFID Journal Live


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