Pharma Cold Chain Survey

IQPC – a leading source of information for the pharmaceutical industry, has published the results of a recent survey on current initiatives and challenges in temperature controlled distribution for pharmaceuticals.  The survey asked pharma supply chain professionals about:

  • Their most important cold chain initiatives
  • The Top two greatest concerns in pharmaceutical importation
  • Which technologies they’re considering to improve their supply chain’s integrity and security

IQPC has graciously allowed Intelleflex to distribute the survey results.  You can get a copy of the results here.

The survey results show temperature monitoring devices, temperature controlled shipping containers and track and trace technology were among the top three needs in the pharmaceutical supply chain.  Intelleflex is working with a number of companies in the pharma cold chain to help them monitor the temperature of biologics and other pharmaceuticals in-transit to improve accountability and enable real-time decision making.  You can learn more about these solutions at the Intelleflex exhibit at the IQPC Cold Chain Pharma event being held in Philadelphia in September.

I think you’ll find the survey results of interest and I hope to see you in Philly in September.

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing


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