Use of RFID among Logistics Companies is Increasing

Mark Roberti’s blog in RFID Journal referenced an interesting article that  appeared June 27 in the magazine DC Velocity. The article describes how logistics companies are increasingly turning to RFID-based solutions to streamline operations. DC Velocity, in conjunction with Baylor University and Bryant University surveyed 175 supply chain and logistics companies to ascertain their existing and planned usage of RFID-based solutions.

Quoting both the original article and Roberti’s blog, there are some interesting take-aways in the article:

  • About 33% of the survey respondents are already using, piloting, or in the midst of implementing RFID technologies in their logistics operations. Another 27 percent are considering implementing RFID in the next two years.  That represents nearly 60% of the respondents.
  • The majority of those applying or planning to apply RFID solutions are doing so to streamline internal operations.  59 percent of the survey respondents who already have some sort of RFID experience are focusing their implementations on internal improvements.
  • 43 percent see it as a strategic move to improve efficiencies of multiple, connected processes within the company.

While we are also finding increased interest in applying RFID to improve internal operations, we are actually seeing a significant interest in supply chain applications that span multiple companies, particularly in the perishable and pharmaceutical market where condition monitoring is important.  We’re finding that it is increasingly important for cold chain companies to have documented chain-of-custody information for goods as they move through the supply chain.

It’s an interesting article and blog post by Mr. Roberti – well worth the read.


Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing


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