Modex: In the Rear View Mirror

Last week Intelleflex was at the Modex 2012 exhibition in Atlanta.  Modex is focused on supply chain and materials handling.  We had a modest booth in the technology section of the massive Atlanta World Congress Convention Center. As this was the inaugural Modex event, we didn’t know what to expect.

We were very pleasantly surprised.

We were very busy!

Our theme was Actionable Data and focused on three key benefits:

• Monitoring product temperature and condition for proactive decision making
• Optimizing inventory management ( FEFO +)
• Avoiding waste and shrink for rapid ROI

I was amazed with how many people from retail grocers, third party logistics providers, end user customers and integrators stopped by.  The theme resonated. People need to better understand the condition and status of their products and assets as they move through the supply chain.  The conversations were interesting as booth visitors described their challenges and asked how Intelleflex could help.

Intelleflex at Modex 2012

Going into the show, I wasn’t sure if it would be one we would pursue again but, not only will we be back at Modex 2014, we’ll be at ProMat 2013.  (The shows rotate.)

I also want to give a shout out to AIM who invited our CEO, Peter Mehring, to speak to an audience about the benefits of pallet-level temperature monitoring and present our blackberry case study.

Peter Mehring Speaks at Modex

If you’d like more information about how Intelleflex can help you address challenges with your supply chain or asset tracking application, please click here or email me.

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing

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