What’s Really Exciting About Today?

RFID Journal Live!, the industry’s largest tradeshow kicks off today in Orlando. What’s exciting is that it has the potential to be something far more than just another RFID show because of new capabilities that are being made available to the market. RFID is no longer tied to speeds and feeds but now is demonstrating real business benefits. As someone whose background is in enterprise applications, I see the transition to business-enabling solutions as significant.

At last year’s show, Intelleflex featured our new generation of XC3 Technology readers and tags. This award winning technology brought significant business benefits to a number of industries, including the cold chain for food and pharmaceuticals. Case studies, pilot programs and partner adoption over the past 12 months have helped to validate the value proposition for our solutions.

Introducing ZEST and the CMR-6100

But, what’s really exciting is that, this year, we’re taking it a step further with the introduction of our CMR-6100 Cellular Reader and ZEST™ Data Services. The CMR-6100 is the first fully integrated cellular-enabled, GPS-equipped multi-protocol RFID reader with support for the ISO Class 3 battery assisted passive and EPCglobal C1G2 passive standards. Intelleflex ZEST Data Services, a cloud-based repository for aggregating, warehousing and sharing information across the supply chain, facilitates on-demand access to actionable data for improved supply chain operations.

The vision behind these new offerings is to deliver true business value by providing customers with timely access to information that improves the delivered freshness for food, ensure efficacy and quality of pharmaceuticals, and optimizes asset utilization. With increasing pressure on the bottom line, new industry regulations and tighter competition, companies are looking for solutions that make it easier to do business. By delivering new solutions to capture Actionable Data – information that people can use on-demand for real-time decision making – and simplifying how it is shared across the supply chain using a cloud-based model, we believe that Intelleflex, along with our partners, can help improve how companies do business. If you’re at RFID Journal Live!, please come by booth 205 and take a look.

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing

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