Should Be An Interesting Webinar on Equipment Management

Certainly the main speaker’s book title is interesting and provocative enough!  Intelleflex partner E-ISG is hosting a webinar featuring Al Hardy, the author of “Covering Your Asset by Exposing the Butt-Ugly Truth” at 12 p.m EST on Wednesday, November 14.  (You can register for the webinar by clicking here.)  E-ISG offers a variety of innovative solutions for tracking and managing equipment and other assets.

Author and industry expert Al Hardy will be featured on the E-ISG webinar

On this webinar, Mr. Hardy will discuss:

What are the key mistakes in each stage of the asset management life cycle?

  • Lease vs. buy
  • Compliance and data capture for maintaining asset
  • Why asset utilization information is important
  • Value assessment when disposing assets

Why do organizations make these mistakes?

  • Why do companies fail to maintain physical and fiscal visibility to their assets?
  • Do companies have the information to maintain their equipment?
  • Do companies track how equipment is utilized
  • Do companies know the cost of disposal?

How to define the requirements for a solution?

  • How to get buy-ins?
  • How to write RFPs?

Given the continued focus on business process improvement and the ability to properly and effectively manage equipment and assets to maximize utilization and reduce loss, this webinar should provide a great opportunity to get valuable insights from an industry expert with 22 years of experience in asset management and maintenance for the healthcare industry.

I hope you’re able to join the webinar.
Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing