PMA Fresh Summit is About to Start

If you’ve never been to the PMA Fresh Summit, you’re in for a treat…quite literally.  There are over 50 aisles of exhibits and most of them have free samples and tastings of fruits and vegetables of every conceivable shape, size and variety.  You can wander from booth to booth and grab an apple, a pear or perhaps something you’ve never even seen before that’s traveled from Chile, Mexico or Argentina.  While we won’t be able to offer you any fresh fruits or vegetables in our booth, we can demonstrate how we can help ensure the delivered freshess of those fruits and veggies as they make  their way from the field to the grocery store.


All Set Up and Ready To Go at PMA Fresh Summit Booth 3782

Come by our booth at 3782 at PMA and say hi and we’ll show you how we’re working to improve freshness and quality of your fresh produce.

Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing