Our First Ever Superbowl Commercial

Today Intelleflex is introducing our first ever Superbowl commercial.  The beauty of it is that we didn’t have to pay CBS almost $4 million to air it and the actual production costs were very low ($0).  All you have to do is click on this link sometime during Sunday’s game between our hometown San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens and, voila!, Superbowl commercial.  In about 30 seconds, you can learn what the new 49ers stadium (being constructed about a mile from our office here in Santa Clara) and Intelleflex XC3 Technology RFID tags and readers have in common.  (OK, you can watch it ahead of time too if you want.)

Watch Our First Ever Superbowl Commmercial!

Watch Our First Ever Superbowl Commercial!

Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the game with friends, family and lots of snacks.  And, as a bonus, here’s some Superbowl related trivia.  The top two Superbowl snacks are:

  • Salsas and dips (with chips or fresh veggies of course)
  • Chicken wings

Be sure to practice good food safety and wash your celery and carrot sticks thoroughly and make sure those chicken wings are thoroughly cooked.  Hopefully all of the ingredients were properly managed and temperature monitored along the supply chain!

And, with deference and respect to our friends who are Ravens’ fans, from those of us in Santa Clara: GO NINERS!

Kevin Payne
Senior Director of Marketing