Untangling the Food Safety Modernization Act

Well, after what seems like a hundred years of campaigning, election day has finally arrived.  Thank heavens!  That can only mean that the 2016 campaign begins tomorrow.

But, until then, the results of today’s election could impact the rollout and implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act – the landmark legislation signed by President Obama in January of 2011.  There’s been a lot of speculation about how Obama or Romney will handle this after the election but I personally think it’s an important piece of legislation.  Today alone I spoke with two different journalists about this topic.  (You can listen to my conversation with The AME Food Testing Show on BlogTalkRadio here.)

Talking the FSMA and Other Topics on BlogTalkRadio

FSMA is a complicated law that addresses the complicated issue of domestic and international food safety.  United Fresh, among others, have done a lot to help explain it to their members.  If you’re a member of United Fresh, you can get a copy of their analysis here and United Fresh is also hosting a webinar on the topic on November 18.

I recently came across another overview of the legislation that was published in Food Logistics Magazine and the authors of the piece, Leavitt Partners and Eurofins, were kind enough to give me permission to post it on our website.  It’s a nice, easy-to-digest summary of key points in the law.  Worth the read and my thanks to the authors for letting us share it.  You can download a copy here.

Read the Leavitt Partners-Eurofins Article

Food safety and quality is something that we should all be invested in.  I’m optimistic that, with the election behind us, we’ll be able to focus time and resources on this important topic.


Kevin Payne

Senior Director of Marketing